By: Kaitlyn Daley

It is Nicole Stone’s goal and desire to assist in the creation and establishment of an equestrian based program where students, colleges and community members would be able to utilize Poway Equestrian Center and the horses personally owned by her as teaching partners in a lab setting for hands on learning.

Equine Studies of San Diego is a new school in San Diego which we are in the process of building an extensive hands-on curriculum and contact base. We want to bring rich content, flexibility of participation and science based research and information to learners from high school and college students as well as to the overall horse enthusiasts.

In the process of searching for Equine education to facilitate programs that are run by Nicole, she found that there are no “physical” schools that offer Equine Studies in close proximity to Poway. Further into her research it was found that San Diego has the 3rdlargest horse population in California.  With that many horses, we know that an Equine Studies program will be beneficial and successful in this community. It is our hope to create certification programs, partner with colleges to allow transferable college credits for specific courses, and aid the community with course and clinics that better helps them in their horsemanship journey.

Equine Studies of San Diego is the dba for PTC Give a non profit corporation, which was created by Nicole Stone. The original purpose of PTC Give was to facilitate fundraising efforts so that the non-profit could provide funds to underserved youth for summer camps and also to rehabilitate unwanted horses (one horse at a time). While setting up PTC Give, one thing lead to another and now education has become the focal point, although Equine Studies of San Diego will continue the original purpose.

More about the creator, Nicole Stone is a passionate horse lover who believes that horses are and have been a vital part of our journey. She attended Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and also majored in Equine Science. Her goal was to work with children and horses to facilitate positive learning and emotional experiences.

After graduating college she moved to San Diego and took a different path. She began working at a property management company in the finance department. At this time she was not as focused on her original goal although it was always on her mind along with her 2 horses and 4 children. When her youngest child was 3 months old she decided to work part-time at the property management office and get a job managing the Poway Equestrian Center boarding facility. Nicole is an outdoor lover, free thinker, and has an optimistic “anything is possible” mindset which was set free with the unrestricted confines of her new office (PEC). While managing PEC she implemented many different areas of improvements, set up and operated Poway Trail Company, which provides After School Care, Camps, Trail Rides and more. She also started the Live 4 2Day Wellness Center offering different fitness level activities, massages, retreats and more to equestrians and the non-equestrian populations. Nicole is currently in the process of getting certified with PATH in Equine Facilitated Learning and Therapy to support the military therapy program she is a part of.  Nicole is facilitating Poway Equestrian Center in the process of becoming a certified facility with Certified Horsemanship Association. Additionally, she is working on her own horse goals, getting certification in a natural horsemanship program where she will eventually enter the show ring alongside her daughters.

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Equine Studies of San Diego will provide horse related education to the public to increase awareness, allow for skill placement and standards in the “horse world”. Horses have an enormous stature in our eyes which can make them seem unattainable in some way.  We want to give children and adults a chance to be up close and personal with these strong, emotive animals so that they are able to feel the healing that the touch of every horse provides.




  • Intro to Equine Science / Principles of Equine Science
  • Intro to Large Animal Anatomy
  • Preparation for competition?
  • Safety in Horse Handling
  • Equine Management
  • Equine Facilities Management
  • Into to Trail Riding Industry
  • Equine Industry Seminar
  • Functional Large Animal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Equine Behavior
  • Equine exercise Physiology
  • Principles of Equine Genetics
  • Horse Training and Sales Preparation I
  • Horse Training and Sales Preparation II
  • Principles of Equine Reproduction
  • Principles of Equine Nutrition
  • Equine Disease Management
  • Packing and Outfitting
  • Techniques in Therapeutic Riding
  • Intro to horse Evaluation
  • Advanced Horse Evaluation
  • Equine Events and Sales management
  • Equine Sales Production
  • Principles of Teaching Therapeutic Riding
  • Equine Practicum: Equine Reproductive management
  • Equine production Industry and ISsues
  • Integrated Equine Science
  • Riding Instructor Training
  • Equine Business management
  • Equine Business and Law
  • Foaling Management
  • Therapeutic Riding Instructor Practicum
  • Equine Chiropractor
  • Equine Alternative Therapies
  • Equine Massage
  • Rakki
  • Holistic Health and essential oils