Entry Deadline Extended for the Farnam APHA Breeders’ Trust Select Yearling Sale

“You can still enter your yearlings in the 2016 Farnam APHA Breeders’ Trust Select Yearling Sale, which is offered as an Internet Horse Auction for the first time,” announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC.  “The entry deadline has been extended to October 5, or until the Sale fills.”

Bidding for this auction will open on November 2 and will close on November 7.

Join these breeders and consignors who have already committed yearlings to the 2016 Auction: Simons Show Horses; Terry Bradshaw’s Circle 12 Ranch; Tim and Cindy Snapp; Double C Acres; Kathie Kennedy; Joseph and Elizabeth Brewer; Mary Ann Carr; Martha Cavanaugh; Rod Cavinder; Teresa Cook; Angela Finegan; Kristen Layher; Samantha Martin; Lacy Merritt Blalock; Scott Neitzel; Mike Short; Lisa Stoner; Scott Thomas; Top Line Breeding, LLC; Shelley Tuma; Brent Walker; Susan Watkins, Black Creek Crossing; and Jay and Jan Williams.



The impressive set of yearlings entered so far are sired by these top stallions:  A Scenic Impulse; Allocate Your Assets; Another Blue Cookie; Batt Man; Certain Potential; CR Good Machine; John Simon; Just Zippin Around; Lazy Loper; Lazy Luvah; Pure Dynamic; The Best Machine; The Big Sensation; The New Tallent; VS Code Red and VS Flatline.

To Enter the Farnam APHA Breeders’ Trust Select Yearling Sale go to http://www.prohorseservices.com/APHA-Farnam-Yearling-Sale.php  Entry forms can be downloaded to complete and return to Pro Horse Services or a seller can use the convenient online entry form.   Mike and Stephanie Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC are glad to help sellers and buyers with any part of the Internet horse auction process.  They can be contacted at 855-272-3905 or by email at  Info@ProHorseServices.com  Mike and Stephanie will be on hand at the APHA World Show to help buyers with bidding and closing the auction.

The Internet Auction format allows APHA members to market their APHA Breeders’ Trust yearlings without having to haul their horses to Fort Worth, Texas.   There is value added to these young horses by making them eligible for the RICH Farnam Pleasure Stakes program.  This program has paid more than $50,000 annually to eligible horses showing at ages 2, 3 and 4 in Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle classes held with the APHA World Show.



Consignment to the Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Yearling Sale is the ONLY way to make your Paint eligible for the Farnam Pleasure Stakes classes in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Classes include the Farnam 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle stakes (both offered with a Limited Division as a class within a class) and the Farnam Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle stakes.  For more information on the Farnam Breeder’s Trust Pleasure Stakes go to http://apha.com/oawcs/sale/

Pro Horse Services is the Industry Leader in Internet horse auctions, having sold 1,281 horses for $4,124,900, since their first auction in December 2012.   In addition, this is the same Internet auction system the Jennings family used for the  online portion of the US Marshals Service auction of the Assets Seized from Rita Crundwell, which produced gross sales of $1,642,200 on 81 horses for an average sale price of $20,274.  High sellers for that auction included I Execute Class at $226,000, Pizzazzy Lady at $126,000 and Hunter Under Saddle gelding, IE Copy, at $101,000.  The buyers from that auction are on our exclusive list of show horse buyers.  We can sell high quality horses through this Internet horse auction system.

For more information on consigning a horse to the Farnam APHA Breeder’s Trust Select Yearling Sale go tohttp://www.prohorseservices.com/APHA-Farnam-Yearling-Sale.php or contact Mike and Stephanie Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC, at 855-272-3905 or by email at  Info@ProHorseServices.com