Dehydration Hinders Your Horse’s Performance

Coast to coast and border to border, horse trailers burn up the road year-round, hauling horses of all disciplines to competitions throughout the country. While the changes in scenery can be refreshing for our horse’s human companion, the changes in climate, water and location can be stressful for the animals. And although little can be done to change climate and location stresses, water should never be a cause for concern.

Dehydration doesn’t just hinder a horse’s performance, as one of the leading causes of colic, it can be fatal. And when a horse is being hauled from location to location, even trace amounts of chlorine in a water supply can present enough of an odor and taste difference to cause a horse, especially young, inexperienced horses, to reduce their water consumption.

For Jim and Stacey Warner, owners of 3/W Performance Horses, Greenwood, South Carolina, keeping horses hydrated while they are on the road is paramount to the success of their business of starting barrel racing horses on the futurity circuit.

“It’s a constant battle for anyone that travels with livestock,” Stacey says of dehydration and the struggle to keep her barrel racing futurity horses hydrated. “We haul six colts everywhere we go—they drink a lot of water, but it is the single most important thing we can do to help our horses’ performance and their health.”

Last fall, Stacey came across ShowFresH20™ on Amazon, and she shares that the product has been life changing for both her and her horses.

“We used to haul a lot of water with us wherever we would go because the horses just wouldn’t drink. We train futurity horses and open horses so we are always campaigning new horses every year—hauling is stressful for young, inexperienced horses. It’s hard on them mentally and physically; we could never keep them drinking on the road. But since we discovered ShowFresH20, instead of hauling water with us, we can drop ShowFresH20 right into the five-gallon water buckets,” she says, “We don’t haul water anymore.”

Available in easy-to-use, pourable containers, ShowFresH20 treats a five gallon bucket of water as easily as it treats a 150 gallon tank. And because the product eliminates chlorine from the water, rather than just masking it, it works every time to keep all classes of livestock hydrated.

Today, the Warners find themselves using the product at-home, as well as on the road, sharing that for the price of treatment and the improvements they have seen in their horses’ water consumption, they can’t afford not to.

“It is really affordable. We started using it at home as much as we are using it on the road,” Stacey says, “I can drop ShowFresH20 into our Rubbermaid® water tanks and never have to worry about our horses going off water because of the taste or smell of the water.”