Cielo Celeste Farm – Breeding for Temperament, Color and Quality

Celeste Huston, owner of her beautiful five star breeding facility, Cielo Celeste Farm in Santa Ynez, has been a life long lover of horses. Celeste began her horse adoration at 9 years old, and her first horse of her own was a five-gaited saddlebred, Kirk Monroe, who was a bright bay beauty. She is quite a firecracker to talk to and is one of California’s most well known and leading breeders of horses since 1968. She began with Arabians and segued into American Quarter Horses and Paint Horses, always focusing on good temperament and bloodlines. And, of course always breeding to good quality mares.

In the early 2000s, Celeste fell in love with the Gypsy breed when she was living in Ireland with her then husband, the late Hollywood Director, John Huston. The temperament of these beautiful creatures was the main attraction, but Celeste’s love of color inspired her to expand her breeding operation to find a top quality stallion of stunning color. The first Gypsy stallion she acquired was St. Clarins, a 2002 gorgeous, 15.1h Chocolate Silver Dapple who was quickly a success in the show ring, bringing home numerous championships.  In 2012, he was selected as Ambassador of the breed by the NAAGA. And, because of her good eye for horses and excellent breeding practices, Celeste is able to breed top-quality Gypsy horses to share with the horse-loving masses and buyers from around the world.

Celeste has added two sons of St. Clarins to her line-up of top stallions: Cicis Sir Keith, a 2007 Smokey Silver Dapple and Cici’s Bold Wind, a 2017 Silver Bay out of FHF Cherlindrea. Cici’s Bold Wind is currently on the show circuit with Samantha VanSickle, owner of Starfire Gypsy Horses. Samantha started working with the young stallion in April and has been in three shows and is headed to the Nationals this month in Belton, TX. In addition Samantha reports that Cici’s Bold Wind is an excellent sire and great to work with. Plus, he is keenly intelligent, willing to please, and loves his people. Anyone would be very pleased and excited to have a foal by this young star! He has multiple championships in halter, as well as several under saddle wins in both English and Western divisions. Furthermore he has qualified for 10 classes including trail and ranch at this month’s Nationals.

In addition to her three Gypsy studs, Celeste also stands Colonels Golden Magic, a 2009 Palamino American Quarter Horse and Kwest for Fire, a 2011 Arabian Stallion who was imported from Michalow Arabian Stud. His sire is the multiple international Grand champion, Kabsztad, son of Kwestura, who sold for $2,000,000.00 a few years ago.

Cielo Celeste Farm is a world renown breeding farm which offers breeders the finest bloodlines from their magnificent sires. Several outstanding offspring are offered for sale as well. Celeste and her staff welcome all inquiries about any of their stunning stallions, and would love to give guests an opportunity to meet their horses and tour their five-star facility. Cielo Celeste Farm’s rainbow of colored horses is available on video. To learn more visit or call 805-688-8020.

by Cheryl Erpelding

Side Bar
Tim and Annie share these kinds words about Celeste:
“Ann and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our dear friend Celeste Huston of Cielo Celeste Farms in Santa Ynez, CA, for allowing us to acquire our Arabian,  Brahms Trotsky (*Sidi-Brahim x Fadjurs Magic), from her over thirty years ago! Celeste is a master horse breeder and horsewoman of tremendous accomplishments throughout her entire lifetime of profound love for, and dedication to all equine breeds. Most especially the Arabian Breed, the Paint Horse Breed, and now with the Gypsy Vanner. She is one of the original importers of this incredible breed of horse to the United States, and is acknowledged as one of their leading authorities around the world. The superb foundation stock which she selected to begin her own Arabian, Paint, and Gypsy Vanner breeding programs have all gone on to respectively win many times in the very highest in Class A, National, and International show rings, earning numerous accolades, as well as having gone on to sire and produce among the very finest individuals in any of these respective breeds to be found anywhere. Whatever the breed of horse, Celeste Huston has always had an extremely discerning and astute eye for selecting and successfully developing show ring champions, that have most importantly, also proven themselves by perpetuating their own supreme excellence through the future generations. Her horses in turn become the treasured foundation stock for many other breeders. We would like to sincerely thank Celeste very much for our beloved Brahms Trotsky. We have owned him for all of these years, and he has given us and our family great enjoyment and many fond memories.”