Christmas Shopping for the Horse Lover

Chances are if you ask a horse person what they would like for a present, they very well may respond with, “a horse!” You can’t afford a new horse for each of your friends. Don’t worry Christmas shopping for a horse lover isn’t as terrifying as it sounds, here are some ideas that won’t break the bank.

Gift Tote/Bucket

Gift baskets have been all the rage for years. Why not put an equine spin on them?

Create a horse themed gift tote or bucket. Purchase a grooming tote or feed bucket and fill it with assorted items based on the theme of your container. For instance, purchase a grooming tote and fill it up with a variety of brushes, combs, hoof polish, hoof pick, coat conditioner, rub rag and ta-da! You have a grooming themed gift.

You could also get a wash bucket and fill it with your favorite sponges, shampoos, conditioners and sweat scraper to create a bathing kit. Do you have a friend who loves a certain color? Purchase a bucket in that color, and fill it with a matching halter, lead rope, brushes, polo wraps and bell boots. The possibilities are endless.

Personalize It

Sometimes the best gifts don’t have to cost much money, they just need to be thoughtful. Grab your camera and take a photo of your friend’s horse. Once you have the perfect image, visit a photo website such as or to create a unique photo gift. Consider putting the photo on mugs, notecards, ornaments, coasters, pillows and more.

If you’re not skilled in photography, don’t fret. There are other personalized gift options. Monogrammed gifts are always a good choice. You can never have too many monogrammed saddle pads, towels, bags or baseball hats.

Another item horse lovers can’t get enough of is photographs of their horses. Instead of taking the photo, get a picture frame personalized with her horse’s name.

Get to Know Your Colors

Did you know that the equestrian world is largely color-coordinated? No? Well, it is. Many horse owners decide on “colors” for their horses, buying everything from saddle pads to bell boots in the horse’s designated color. For some upper-level barns, riders are expected to only use blankets and saddle pads of certain designated colors.

Before you go and pick up a cute patterned saddle padwith loads of neon, think twice. Find out if the rider has a designated color for the horse and stick within that color scheme when you go shopping.

Pamper Horse & Rider

Horse owners rarely take the time to pamper themselves. Their horses get shoes every four to six weeks, yet they are still rocking boots from the last decade. Give your friend a gift certificate for spa services, so they too can get their hooves polished and mane pulled. Remind them that non-horsey folks call that a “pedicure and haircut.”

Do you have a friend who always puts her horse first? Purchase gift certificates for various equine services that she hasn’t used before, such as equine massage or an animal communicator session. This way both human and horse can benefit from your gift.

Treat Them

Horse treats are a tried and true gift for the horse lover in your life. Everyone loves giving her favorite horse a special treat.

Are you looking for something more unique? Buy a horse shaped cookie cutter, and either a horse treat recipe book or make your own recipe book. is a great resource for finding recipe ideas.

A Subscription to Their Favorite Horse Magazine.

When it comes to horses you can never know everything. Good equestrians recognize this and strive to be continual learners. While they learn first and foremost from their horses, they also learn a lot through reading.

There are dozens of great horse magazines out there. A year’s subscription to their favorite makes a great gift; they will appreciate you helping them in their quest to be the best rider they can be.

A single magazine could also make for a great stocking stuffer!

Still Not Sure?

Do you have a horse lover in your life, but don’t know what to get? Gift cards are always a useful gift. You can’t go wrong with a gift card to a rider’s favorite tack store; it makes for the perfect gift. You don’t have to worry about picking out the perfect item in the right color or the right size, and your Christmas shopping will be done in one easy step.

Visit your local tack shop and pick up a gift card. You can never go wrong with a gift card or gift certificate.

Christmas is right around the corner, so if you’re just starting your Christmas shopping for a horse lovernow is the time to get hustling. Do your research, head to the tack shop, and please, keep your receipts.