Boots to fit ALL your Outdoor Activities!

I have always worn the Original Muck Company boots every winter so when I had the opportunity to try the new Women’s Chore classic mid boot, I jumped at the chance. This boot is so multi-functional and comfortable at the same time. Since they are 100% waterproof it is so easy to throw them on if it’s raining or muddy to go out to feed. The premium rubber is easy to clean with just a quick rinse off and the traction of the sole makes you feel safe out there in the slick mud.

Since they are designed for a women’s foot and not an overly bulky boot it makes it super easy to grab horses out of their pens and jump on to ride without having to change into different boots if you just need to get one exercised real quick. These are not just a winter boot, they are great in the summer too. I always use them when I have several horses to bathe so I can save my good boots or tennis shoes from being soaked. Since they are a mid rise your feet don’t get as hot when you are out doing chores in the heat. I can’t say enough good things about the new Muck Company Women’s Chore classic mid boot. Make sure you check out to grab a pair for yourself or buy an extra pair for a friend!

Denise Munson
Pacific Coast Publications