AZRHA Best Of The West

Written by Mark Blake

The Arizona Reining Horse Association was proud to host their “Best of The West” show at WestWorld in Scottsdale Arizona on October 1st thru the 6th. The show was highlighted with beautiful weather,  incredible horses, and great competition. This show is the premier Pre-Futurity in the West! The show included exhibitor and sponsor parties /  dinners each evening as well as hosting the Nrha Southwest affiliates championships. The show paid out more than $260,000 for all classes which include over $130,000 in the Open and Non Pro Futurities, those classes along with the Derbies had only 10% retainage for the Assoc. This show could not happen without incredible sponsors and awesome volunteers.

Commanders All Dun19AZR4219
AZRHA Best Of The West
Champion :
Youth 13 & Under
Horse : Commanders All Dun
Rider : Zetta Reid
Owner : Barbara Morlan

The show started with our future Reiners, congratulations to Annabel Haas with her winning run on Smart Lookin Melody as well as Sydney Muehlstatter in the short stirrup class. Sydney wanted to thank her mother for her unwavering support of her love of horses! The Youth champions included Zetta Reid in 13 and under and McKinnon Larcombe in 14-18. Harper Lawson took home the championship in the Unrestricted Youth followed by LJ Maverick in the Youth Arab class and Aubree Leyva in the Youth Rookie.  In a very competitive Green level 1 class Wendy Elkins won on Whizsoul and in the Green Level 2 class Lauren Gripping came out on top with an impressive 70.5 score. The Sunday champions and Affiliate champions included our 13 and under champion Zetta Reid, ARC champion was Mary Cachat riding Custom Cody Whiz. The Youth 14-18 ARC and champion was Anna Clausen with an awesome 73 score! Youth rookie champion was Aubree Leyva, Unrestricted Youth Sunday champion was Claudia Pinkerton, Sunday Short Stirrup and ARC champion was again Sydney Muehlstaetter. The Sunday Youth Arab champion was Molly Thigpen and Future Reiner champion was Annabel Haas.

Get Juiced19AZR4582
AZRHA Best Of The West
Champion :
Short Stirrup
Horse : Get Juiced
Rider : Sydney Muehlstaetter
Owner : Sydney Muehlstaetter

The  Thursday classes included Limited, Intermediate, and Non Pro champion McKinnon Laurcombe with a great score of 73.5 on board Designed With Shine! The Prime Time and Masters Non Pro champion was  Loren Booth with beautiful mare Whiz N Chevy Chic! There was a tie in the ladies class with both Megan Tice and Megan Dante scoring 71.5! Congratulations to Dan Huss in winning the Novice Horse Open levels 1&2, Dan stayed that he thought the ground at WestWorld was as good as he could remember!

Thursday was capped off with a very competitive Non Pro Derby, congratulations to Luca Fappani winning Levels Youth 14-18, 2,3,&4 with a score of 220 winning by a half point over Jennifer Neudorf  who had a score of 219.5! Great riding by both, look forward to watching these great young riders in years to come. Jennifer won the level 1 class. Congratulations to Morris Kulmer and Michael Garnett in their tie in the Prime Time Derby! Reagan Vokoun won the Youth 13 and under on board This Girls Got a Gun.

The Open Derby was every bit as exciting with Craig Schmersal coming out on top in the level 4 class riding Pale Face Gunslinger and receiving a score of 225.5! Congratulations to the level 3 open champion Marco Ricotta on board Gunnaoutshineya. Thiago Sobral won the level 1 & 2 open on Slidin Spook.

On Thursday the Limited Open winner was Ashley Wilson-Hammer riding The Gun Collector, the Intermediate Open winner was Patrick Flaherty riding Whiz Boom Wrangle, and winning the Open class was Dan Huss riding Olivias Gunna Shine. The Rookie Pro winner was Luis Almeda and Prime Time Open winner Linda Hardy! Arab Open was won by Dan Schloemer on board Good N Plenty. The Ladies class winner was Stephenie Bjorkman and winning the Gents class was Matt Mills.

A Fine Lil Peppy19AZR1354
AZRHA 2019 Best Of The West
Champion :
Novice Horse Non Pro LV1
Horse : A Fine Lil Peppy
Rider : Kelsey Duede
Owner : Kelsey Duede

Friday was highlighted with the Novice Horse Non Pro 1 won by Kelsey Duede riding A Fine Lil Peppy and Novice Horse Non Pro 2 winner Brenda Joyce onboard Xtra Wimpy Voodoo. Green level 1&2 winner was Rita Clausen riding Kansas City Whiz, congratulations! Rookie 1 winner was Emilee Radford with Wimpyslittlecadillac and Rookie 2 winner Beth Biber riding her new horse Diggin For Proof, Beth said she is so excited to show her new horse Aladdin and she loves him!  There was a tie for Rookie Prime Time between Barb Townsend and Linda Jacobs congratulations to both! The Novice Horse Non Pro 1 winner was Sean Pulley with a score of 71..5 riding Spook In Sparks an level 2 winner Megan Tice riding Im Smart  N Lucky and scoring a 72! The Open and Intermediate winner was Patrick Flaherty riding Whiz Boom Wrangle and scoring a 73! The Limited Open winner was Steve Ross riding Alright Irish, Rookie Pro winner was Nitsan Sharoni with Blue Chocolate Kid and the Arab Open winner Jessica Bein on Dun Waltzin. The Ladies was won by Crystal McNutt riding Got Cash In My Genes and Men’s winner Patrick Flaherty riding Whiz Boom Wrangle.

Black Gun Face19AZR2690
AZRHA Best Of The West
Champion :
Non Pro LV1
Non Pro LV2
Horse : Black Gun Face
Rider : Addisyn Schmersal
Owner : Hickory Creek Ranch

Saturday was started with the Novice Horse Non Pro level 1, congratulations to Sean Pulley  riding Spook In Sparks, the level 2 winner was Megan Tice riding I’m Smart N Lucky! The Non Pro Futurity provided great excitement with Cori Vokoun winning both levels 3&4 onboard Humble and Kind scoring a 216. Addisyn Schmersal won Levels 1&2 riding Black Gun Face and receiving a score of 220.5!! When Addi came out of the arena her only words were “I love this horse!”, congratulations!

In the Open Futurity level 1 winner went to Billy Williams riding Stylish Gunner Chick, Billy had a busy show also running the rope for the Foundation roping as well as riding and showing! It’s tireless work like Billy has given that helps all Reiners by raising money and awareness of the Reining Horse Foundation!!

The Level 2&3 Futurity Open winner was Cade McCutcheon riding Super Marioo and getting a score of 222.5!

The level 4 Futurity winner was Andrea Fappani with a sparkling ride on Guns In My Genes and receiving a score of 226 and taking home almost $20,000, and a beautiful saddle donated by Andy Maschke!!

The evening was capped of by the  $10,000 added Pro Am sponsored by Jerry Longworth DVM. With 6 horses scoring over 220 the team that ended on top was Shelby Clausen and Patrick Flaherty with a score of 224.5! Congratulations to all participants!

Sunday finished strong with the Affiliate Championships, the Open and Intermediate Open Champion was Patrick Flaherty riding Whiz  Boom Wrangle followed by Ashley Wilson-Hammer riding The Gun Collector winning The Limited Open.

Mary Cachet on Double Down Shiner won Rookie 1 and Linda Jacobs won Rookie 2 and Prime Time  riding Special Kinda Nite.

Novice Horse Non Pro level 1 was won by Kelsey Duede on A Fine Lil Peppy with Megan Tice winning Level 2 as well as intermediate and limited non pro! The Non Pro winner was Morris Kulmer riding NVR What A Lucky Joe and scoring a a 147!  The Novice horse Open Level 1 winner was Ashley Wilson-Hammer riding Wimpy Zananna Boy!

Morris Kulmer won the Non Pro, Non Pro Prime Time, and Masters classes again riding his great horse NVR What A Lucky Joe!

Megan Dante had a great day also winning the Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro, and Ladies Non Pro on her wonderful horse Lookies Gotta Gun

Daniel Schloemer won the Novice Horse Open 1 onboard Cupidsgottashotgun and Dan Huss won Level 2 Open Novice Horse riding Olivias Gunna Shine.

Congratulations to all who showed and we look forward to seeing everyone next year October 6th-11th.

PS: Saturday rookie 1&2  winner Erin Stueve  riding Dinero Whiz and Prime Time Rookie Jamie Walters  riding Electro Star