Alternative Ways To Help Your Horse Reduce It’s Pain

Horses go through a lot of physical activity in a day, particularly when you keep them out of the stables. Some of you may use your horses for working, transporting heavy loads of things across a farm, or for riding. Additionally, others also use their horse for training in sports activities, such as equestrian.

Whatever its function in your life, horses are great pets and deserve your tender loving care, too. After all the work that they go through, it’s not a surprise that many horses will experience a great deal of pain. When this happens, it brings them so much discomfort to the point that you’ll also have to do your part in helping them ease the pain.

Thankfully, today, there are many ways to help reduce the pain your horse feels. If you’re not up for the use of synthetic medicine, there are alternative and natural ways, too. These would include:

  1. Give The Horse Time To Rest

This first suggestion may seem pretty straightforward, but it needs to be over-emphasized. It may also be a tip that not many horse owners may be happy about, especially when they use their horse every day. With kids always wanting to ride them out and about your farm, perhaps your miniature horse has also gone through a lot of stress lately. Whatever the reason for their pain, give them time to rest.

If you still use your horse even when it’s in a lot of pain, you’re only going to make it worse since you’re not giving their body the time to heal. Plus, because your horse is under a lot of discomfort, this would mean that they have lesser ability to move around.

As a solution, let your horse rest and give it all the comfort that it needs, such as buying them their own blanket. This tip is also highly important when the pain results from an overuse injury. This means that the horse has pain on a specific part of its body due to overuse.

  1. Try Out CBD Oil

Many horse owners today are giving CBD oil for discomforts, such as pain, inflammation, and many other symptoms. The benefits of CBD oil for human beings are no different from horses–it’s still non-toxic, safe, and non-psychoactive.

CBD oil is a much-needed natural alternative, particularly for horses that have already been exposed to synthetic medications. You just have to make sure that you’re buying one that’s of the best quality, just as InnovetPet’s horse products are. That way, you’ll know that the CBD oil you’re offering your horse is free of any impurities.

Also, be very mindful of the dose. Even though CBD oil is natural and generally safe, the saying ‘too much of everything is bad’ still applies. For your horse to experience optimum results, you’ll need to keep within the proper dose.

Apart from pain, CBD oil also addresses these other problems:

  • Irritated skin
  • Disturbed metabolism and appetite
  • Problems with digestion and bowel health
  • Emotional state and mood
  • Mobility difficulties
  1. Apply Heat And Ice Alternately

If the pain is due to an acute injury, icing can be done. This is one of the best ways to manage localized pain–a type of pain that’s centered in one area of the horse’s body.

In some cases, you may also want to alternately apply heat, particularly when there’s an onset of inflammation. Rather than take oral pain medication, after applying heat and ice, you can also rub topical non-steroidal medication on your horse. Better yet, you can also go for topical CBD oil.

  1. Give Your Horse A Good Stretch And Massage

Massage and stretching are other means to help soothe your horse. This practice is highly popular in horses that are used for racing and other sports. You can also use CBD oil when manually rubbing your horse and giving them a good massage, help them relax.

More importantly, a good stretch and massage can help relax tense muscles and increase circulation. That way, localized pain is reduced. Overall, your horse will also have better temperament as horses in pain can become moody and agitated.


Whenever your horse manifests any sign of discomfort, give action right away. A horse’s internal body is a very complex structure, and most of its pain can originate from its back, which forms a remarkable part of their entire body, hence even the most minor ache and spasm can leave your pet horse agitated.

When this happens, give attention to your horse right away through any of the alternative means enumerated above. If symptoms persist, do consult the help of a veterinarian to be safe.