8 Interesting Facts about Horses

Horses are some of the most interesting creatures in this world. They are strong and beautiful, loyal, and intelligent, and they bring joy to thousands of TVG app fans when they win any racing event.

1- How horses sleep? 

It might be surprising for many to know that horses sleep standing up. They can also nap laying down, but only for short amounts of time.

2- They can’t burp

Horses can’t burp like the way we humans do. This is because their digestive system is not a two-way street, like many other animals who regurgitate their food.

Although their digestive system has a great way of processing their tough fibrous foods, their unidirectional tract can cause problems for them. For example, they can suffer from colic which is defined as abdominal pain.

3- Their teeth can tell their age

You can estimate the age of your horse by looking at its teeth. Although it is not possible to predict the exact age, you can come up with a fairly good idea by observing the teeth.

One needs to take proper dental care if they want to keep their horses’ teeth in a healthy condition.

4- American Quarter Horse

The American quarter horse, named because of its ability to outrun others in races of a quarter-mile or less, is widely considered as the most popular breed in the world. This horse is greatly popular among both beginners and professional riders.

5- Arabian horses

Arabian horses are one of the most popular horse breeds in the world. Many other light horse breeds have descended from them.

Arabian horses are also one of the oldest breeds who have some very unique characteristics. Compared to others, they have one fewer rib, vertebrae, and tail bone.

6- They don’t like solitary life

Horses do not like to live alone. That’s why they live in small groups in the wild. Even domestic horses feel happier if they are surrounded by some other animals.

For horses, living singly can be very stressful. Therefore, it is recommended that they should be kept with another equine friend.

7- Domestication of horses

It is said that dogs may have been our companions about 14,000 years ago while cats may have been domesticated about 8,500 years ago.

Comparatively, the domestication of horses has started a little more recently, with many estimating a date around 3,500 B.C.

8- Standard measurement for height

The common unit of measurement for quantifying the height of a horse is known as a hand. One hand is equivalent to four inches.

Only miniature horses are not measured in hands, instead, inches or centimeters are used to measure their height.