4 Ways to Foolproof Your Summer

Courtesy of SmartPak

You and your horse want to be outside soaking up every second of summer, and that means you need serious gear to beat the heat. From healthy hydration to sun protection, we’ve got the smart solutions you need to make the most of summer.

Beat the heat
Sweat it out. Your horse stays cool during hot weather and exercise by sweating. Healthy sweating is essential to keeping your horse from overheating, so be sure to talk to your veterinarian if you’re concerned that your horse isn’t sweating appropriately.

Lighten up. If you’re helping your horse beat the bugs by keeping him covered, be sure to look for a fly sheet that’s lightweight and breathable.

Keep your cool. While you’re making sure that your horse has what he needs to beat the heat, don’t forget about yourself! One of the best ways for you to keep your cool is by adding gear with Ice Fil® technology to your riding wardrobe. Ice Fil® converts sweat into cooling energy, helping you stay comfortable on even the hottest days.

Stay hydrated
While your horse needs to sweat to keep himself cool, it comes at a cost. Sweat is composed of water and key minerals that need to be replaced. If your horse’s water intake doesn’t keep up with what he loses, he could be at risk for dehydration, and failing to replace the key minerals lost in sweat could lead to a nutritional imbalance that could impact overall health and performance.

Along with ensuring that your horse always has access to fresh water, a supplement may help keep him healthy and hydrated. Consider a salt supplement to encourage normal drinking, or an electrolyte formula to replenish the key minerals lost in sweat.

Beat the bugs
If the flies are making your horse bug out this season, there’s more you can do than go through countless bottles of fly spray. When you battle the bugs, it’s important to have a barnwide system that keeps your horse covered from all sides.

Be sun smart(er)
While everyone loves to soak up the sun, we all know that the sun’s UV rays can be harmful for both us and our horses. Luckily, there are ways you can protect yourself and your horse so you can still have fun in the sun this summer.

Depending on your horse’s color and skin sensitivity, too much fun in the sun can result in a bleached-out coat or sunburned skin. Let your fl y spray do double duty by picking one that includes ingredients that provide sun protection, and consider using a spray-on sunscreen made just for horses if your horse is especially sensitive and prone to sunburns.

Along with spray-on sunscreen, you can shield your horse from the sun’s rays with a fly mask and fly sheet that provide UV protection. If you have a horse with a dark coat, a fly sheet will also help prevent sun bleaching.

You can also provide support from the inside with a supplement that contains ingredients like paprika and nutmeg to help bring out a deep, dark shine in black, bay, and brown coats.

Finally, remember to shield your own skin! Whatever your style, we’ve got a top-rated top with UV protection for you.