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StressLess • • • •
StressLess The All-Natural Supplement Promoting a Calm Mind, Focus, and Mood Balance
What is StressLess?
StressLess Equine, The Hot Horse Remedy is an all-natural mood-balancing supplement that helps to promote decreased signs of stress such as agitation, poor performance, poor appetite, and nervousness. It is used to enhance the competitive level of your horses, bringing optimal results in your horse’s training and competition. StressLess also helps increase receptivity to training and behavior modification.
Is StressLess safe to use?
Yes! StressLess is safe for long and short-term use. It has no side effects and no drowsiness or impaired motor function.
What situations are recommended for using StressLess?
Consider StressLess if your horses are experiencing the following:
Anxiety, Agitation, Nervousness, Overreactivity, Inconsistent Performance, Fearfulness, Travels Poorly, Poor Appetite, Chronic Problems with Ulcers, Stress with Stall Rest, Is Fearful of Medical Procedures and Becomes Stressful at Competitions and Training Clinics.
How does StressLess work?
The active ingredient is Casein Hydrolysate (from milk). It is different from other calming supplements that are currently on the market. It mimics the action of GABA, a neurotransmitter that binds to the nerve cells in the equine brain, promoting a calm mind and decreasing stress reactions without affecting performance.
Is StressLess guaranteed to work?
Yes! We are so sure of the capabilities of StressLess we offer a 100 % money-back guarantee to refund your money if you are unsatisfied with the results- no questions asked.
Those who love and know horses know they can stress and freak out over the most minor things. From a water bottle on the ground to a mounting block that has been moved a fraction of an inch to the bigger things like a packed stadium at competitions with noises and an unfamiliar environment where we expect them to compete at their optimal level.
Helping our horses remain calm and focused and able to perform at their very best while keeping us safe in the saddle is our goal.
Whether you are competing at the top levels of your discipline or want to enjoy a calm, focused, mood-balanced horse out on a trail ride – StressLess is your go-to equine supplement.
Phone 386-503-1011

Equine Hemp Solutions • • •
Our equine hemp products are made with our unique formulations that are safe, effective, and natural. We ensure the safety and efficacy of our products with third-party lab testing and our constant research and development.
Our supplements offer multiple benefits like, calming, performance, quicker recovery, hoof health, skin health, wound recovery, reduce discomfort, and more. Our mission is providing you with supplements that will keep your horse feeling and performing at their best in every stage of their life.
The cultivation and utilization of hemp has been documented for over 10,000 years. Cultures across the world have been growing this plant for its remarkable agricultural and medicinal properties.
Today, we use centuries of studies and decades of research in this field to produce our hemp-derived products for a variety of uses.
Our products are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality protocols and provide full disclosure on what exactly you’re getting in your products.
Over the years, we have studied all manners of hemp cultivation and extraction to create products beneficial to a wide range of clients. Therefore, we grow, harvest, and extract only the highest quality plants and use high-quality ingredients to create our tinctures, topical oils, creams, and dietary supplement products. Additionally, we obtain a third-party lab analysis to test our products and make those test results available to our consumers for full disclosure of our compliancy, quality, and safety. Visit or call (863) 674-5775

Stud Muffins® Horse Treats • • • •
Stud Muffins® Horse Treats are 100% hand-crafted – Every batch is made with care and devotion to produce the ‘ultimate horse treat’ for your equine herd, whether you have 1 or 100.
We’ve been making our treats since 1997; each treat contains grains such as wheat, oats, barley, and corn, and are fortified with flaxseed and other wholesome ingredients, ensuring they’re as healthy as they are enjoyable. Horses go crazy for them! For more information visit or call
1-877-833-STUD (7883)

Four Flex • • • •
Four Flex is a supplement designed to support healthy joint function in horses. Packed with all the necessary joint ingredients like Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin Sulfate. Fourflex manufactures a high-quality equine joint supplement that is designed to keep horses’ joints healthy as they age. Fourflex nutrients are chosen for their impact on joint health. Here is the information that horse owners need to know when they are looking for a joint supplement that will keep their horses mobile, healthy and free of pain. Glucosamine is essential for maintaining strong joints. The nutrient helps the body lubricate joints and cartilage. Methylsulfonyl-methane (MSM) is an effective anti-inflammatory supplement. The sulfur in the supplement is used to facilitate the production of collagen in the body and allows other ingredients in the supplement to be absorbed and properly used by the body to promote joint health. Yucca is included to help reduce the pain and inflammation as they age. Chondroitin helps the cartilage to hold in water and absorb nutrients to maintain good health. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of the connective tissue found throughout the body.
The Fourflex equine joint supplement is specifically formulated to include essential nutrients that promote joint health. Horses that are ridden on a regular basis need a joint supplement to counteract the damage that is done when they move while bearing the weight of a rider. Visit or call 800/799-2990 to find a dealer.

Thunder Mountain MineralsTM • • • •
Original Thunder Mountain MineralsTM is the most natural way to supply the essential minerals missing from your horse’s diet. Natural, as in right out of the ground, not from some chemical factory.
Proper minerals, like vitamins, are essential for the health of all horses. The minerals, deposited eons ago by a vast inland sea, are processed and combined with other natural ingredients into convenient pellets. Like grasses growing in the pastures of the west, horses get their minerals the way nature intended.
These amazing minerals naturally chelate, supplying the minerals necessary for optimal health and wellness. Many disorders can be directly attributed to mineral deficiencies. Problems like joint soundness, stomach ulcers, weight issues, hoof abscesses and navicular problems become a thing of the past. Horses maintain a proper weight on less feed. Horses calm down and perform better. Amazing improvements are seen in just a few weeks. Proper minerals solve so many problems. No Chemicals. No Drugs. No Dyes. No Beet Pulp. No Fish Oil.
Because it is made from natural ingredients, horses love it! They will eat it right from your hand. Available now online at Dealer inquiries welcome.
Thunder Mountain Minerals is one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the USA. For more information call Brian at 435-287-4285 or visit

Adeptus • • • •
All Adeptus products are formulated and manufactured using sound science combined with practical knowledge of what your horse or your dog really need. Supplements that carry the Adeptus brand name are effective formulations that have been evaluated for palatability, efficacy, safety, and stability.
Strict quality control measures are utilized in our manufacturing facilities, which are ISO 9001 and GMP certified. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in our products. Adeptus products are formulated with principles of science-based nutrition. No fad or filler ingredients are used in our products. We use components that have scientific and/or clinical evidence of their nutritional benefits and provide the consumer with detailed label information to aid in the safe and effective use of our products. The consumers can also be assured that the products meet the detailed label guarantees. Our products are made in the USA, and are consistently produced to quality specifications, which ensure that they will be beneficial and effective.
Adeptus products are also very competitively priced and offer the consumer great value on premium products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements for horses and pets at affordable prices. In addition to our popular equine nutritional supplements that are in a palatable digestive aid base, Adeptus offers dog products in palatable chewable tablets and granular formulas that are labeled for cats as well. (866)233-7887 or visit

Elk Grove Milling • • • •
Why consider switching to a complete feed?
Complete feeds allow for complete control and consistency in the diet, at any age. This is very beneficial during poor or limited hay supply.
When horses have compromised dentition, seniors or young horses shedding caps, a complete feed is a great solution. Painful teeth, like impacted caps, can lead to weight loss from the horse not consuming enough feed. When young horses are growing, they need all the nutrition they can get. Compromised dentition also mean that the horse is not chewing their hay very well. When hay is not chewed well, this can lead to impaction colic in some cases, as well as general poor utilization of the nutrition in the feed.
A complete feed can also be beneficial with conditions like post-surgery recovery, Fecal Water Syndrome, IBD, metabolic issues, and refeeding cases. Long stem forage can irritate sensitive or inflamed linings of the gastrointestinal tract. The small particle size of complete pelleted feeds can get the horse the nutrition they need, while being gentle on the digestive system so that their body can work on healing soft tissues.
The core of Stable Mix™ products start with hay, the very base of any forage-first diet. In addition to hay, Stable Mix™ feeds have super fibers like almond hulls or beet pulp, quality protein sources from soybean meal, added fat from rice bran, additional salt, and performance minerals from Zinpro. The blend of Zinpro minerals, Zinc, Manganese, and Copper, supports immune function, hoof & coat quality, bone and joint integrity, and more. Stable Mix™ feeds also contain full spectrum coverage from Alltech solutions with prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and yeast. The recent addition of Chromium from Kemin Equine to Stable Mix™ feeds assists with better utilization of glucose.
If you are curious or have questions about their line of feeds, reach out to their customer service at (916) 684-2056 or

Renew Gold • • • •
Renew Gold is a unique formulation of energy dense, low starch, premium quality Non-GMO ingredients designed to be fed at a rate of 1/2 pound to 1 1/2 pounds daily. Our goal is to limit or eliminate the use of high starch based ingredients in the overall feeding program. This can help to bring the entire digestive system into proper balance.
Renew Gold™ advances the concept of concentrated nutritional support for your horses feeding program with the use of three sources of natural vegetable oils, a unique profile of high quality protein, and healthy digestible fiber. The combination of High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance® Coconut Meal and Flax provides a uniquely efficient formulation that is lower in starch than grains or sweet feed. Using a base of food grade Stabilized Rice Bran we fortify Renew Gold with CoolStance® coconut meal and Flax. Digestive efficiency is then enhanced with the addition of Fermented Yeast Culture. This offers horse owners the opportunity to utilize the well proven nutritional advantages of Stabilized Rice Bran in an even more effective, advanced formulation.

Brave Horse CBD • • • •
Brave Horse CBD believes that Healthy Horses are Calm, Brave and Dependable. Our new partnership with The Extreme Cowboy Association is the perfect fit.
Keeping our horses mentally and physically healthy can be a challenge. The Extreme Cowboy Association is providing a sport that does just that. Competitors work their horses through different obstacles in an arena. Dr Brian Biggers, DVM. MS says, “Repeated movements by a horse can cause undue wear and tear on their tendons, ligaments, and joints. Whereas, utilizing multiple disciplines are much better for a horse’s overall health.”
Cole Cameron, Clinician and Trainer of the sport says, “I look at EXCA like cross training for horses. Not only does it improve their athleticism but helps with their overall attitude and makes a well-rounded horse. Combining obstacles with performance work helps your horse to think more, and react less, creating a safe environment for both horse and rider.”
Join us in Glen Rose, Texas November 1 – 5 for the EXCA 2023 World Championship.

Sweet Pro Feeds • • • •
SweetPro Feeds now has garlic available in all their products as a nutritional addition to support the immune system. Garlic also supports the fight against flies and ticks by excretion through breath and skin, surrounding cattle and horses with a repellent aura. SweetPro also has a new paste for competition horses called, “EquiPride Gold”. All their products feature ProBiotein® a multi-prebiotic fiber blend. For more information please visit

Kentucky Equine Research • • • •
Kentucky Equine Research’s latest product innovation, ReSolvin EQ, is a revolutionary oil designed to support gastric health through strategic supplementation of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs).
ReSolvin EQ contains a blend the LC-PUFAs commonly known as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). While EPA and DHA are familiar omega-3 fatty acids, found most prominently in marine-derived oils, GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that has significant anti-inflammatory properties. Research attributes many of these beneficial properties to the conversion of GLA to DGLA (di-homo-gamma-linolenic acid), which changes to several anti-inflammatory biomolecules and inhibits production of pro-inflammatory biomolecules.
A study conducted at Kentucky Equine Research compared how horses respond to LC-PUFA or short-chain (SC-) PUFA supplementation. The study was divided into two 90-day periods. The experimental oil used for the LC-PUFAs was ReSolvin EQ, which contains EPA, DHA, and GLA, while the SC-PUFAs came from a mix of corn and flax oils. Horses fed ReSolvin EQ had higher levels of EPA, DHA, GLA, and DGLA than those fed SC-PUFAs.
One important component of this study involved gastroscopy and the identification of gastric ulcers. Researchers performed a gastroscopy on all horses at the beginning of the study, and squamous gastric ulcers were graded using the familiar 0 to IV scale, where 0 indicates no sign of ulceration and IV signifies severe disease. Eight of the horses had grades between 0 and II, indicating no significant disease, but five horses had grade-III or grade-IV ulcers. Once fed the long-chain PUFAs, however, the ulcers in four of five of these horses resolved completely.
In sum, targeted supplementation with ReSolvin EQ provides a potent anti-inflammatory product for horses predisposed to gastric ulcers. Horses given ReSolvin EQ should also be fed Nano-E, a vitamin E supplement developed by Kentucky Equine Research with superior bioavailability that provides antioxidant protection.

Sacate Pellet Mills • • • •
We began operations in 1983 as a wholesaler to Lakin Milling Company. At that time, we produced one product: our sun-cured alfalfa Standard Bread pellet. In 1985, we began selling to the public and expanded our product line to include Thorough Bread: a fortified pellet consisting of sun-cured alfalfa hay, cracked corn, and a vitamin mineral supplement to provide added energy. We also soon recognized a need for a product tailored to less active animals. Bermuda is a widely available grass here in the Southwest that when blended with alfalfa creates a lower protein and lower calorie feed alternative.
In 2018, Sacate Pellet Mills purchased Lakin Milling Company, a longstanding and highly reputable brand. Lakin Milling had been serving our community with high-quality products since 1968. The mineral fortified products produced by Lakin provided a desirable expansion to our product offerings and a loyal customer base. Together, a stronger, more capable pelletized feed company emerged
Any combination of product types can be accommodated. Call or check the webiste to find a location near you. (602) 237-3809

Earth Song • • • •
Earth Song Ranch has been in the business of improving horse health since 1998 – so when it comes to nutrition we are up to date on the needs of today’s horses. Feeding your horse is more than just tossing a couple flakes of hay a couple times per day or giving a pound or two of concentrated bag feed whose ingredients you most likely cannot pronounce.
Nutrition for your horse is about looking at his/her needs, then your hay and what do you need to supplement to. What I find most often in the nutritional consults I do is that horses with hoof issues are lacking in copper and zinc, along with magnesium.
As an equine nutritionist the vitamins most lacking in a horse’s diet are vitamins C & E which are most important for skin and hoof health but are also building blocks for immune health as well.
Feed you horses more naturally not the latest and greatest in “fad”, the basics are clean fresh water, the best quality hay your can afford (I prefer orchard and Bermuda) and a Himalayan salt rock.
Your horse depends on you read the labels and NO SOY!
Jessica Lynn, Owner Earth Song Ranch,

LMF Feeds • • • •
LMF has always operated on certain foundational beliefs about feeding horses and formulating feeds for the Western US. These beliefs were relevant when we started, and remain relevant today.
LMF does not use screenings, fillers or other sub-standard ingredients. We only use high quality components in our feed, which includes minerals and other nutrients in forms that are most easily absorbed and used by the horse.
Horses were designed to digest forage, and forage should always be the biggest part of the equine diet. In the Western US we have access to some of the best quality hays in the world. Supplemental feed formulation should be based on complementing regional forage.
Low Inclusion
Because the hay in the West is so good, LMF feeds can be formulated for a typically lower than average feeding rate. LMF feeds are designed to meet the horses’ nutritional needs at this low inclusion by using specific concentrations of critical nutrients in their most available form.
Alfalfa and Grass Hay Formulations
Alfalfa and grass hays have vastly different nutritional compositions. LMF feed formulas account for these differences in many of our products by offering both A and G formulations, which helps to ensure the horse is getting exactly the right nutrition based on type of forage they are consuming. Visit or call 800-344-0563 for more information.

Remount Equine • • • •
Remount is the ONLY 100% All-Natural Amino Acid supplement on the market. Providing your animals with 18 amino acids with high digestibility and bioavailability to help ensure they reach their potential in every way possible with muscle development, muscle recovery, anti-inflammatory, mental focus and many more potential benefits! In comparison with other amino acids supplements, Remount is less expensive per day and is a 100% hemp product with zero THC and approximately 375 mg CBD per daily dose. Check out our website for more information and use discount code TH10 at checkout for a 15% discount! Help your horse stay stronger, longer into the season with REMOUNT.