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Earth Song • • • •
Horse Nutrition: More than just tossing a flake of hay & a scoop of commercial concentrated feed. In today’s world of horses everything seems complicated with all the choices of not only hay but choices in concentrated bag feed as well. Unless you read the labels you really don’t know what you are feeding your horse.
Good horse nutrition starts with the best quality hay you can afford, keeping in mind what your horse is used for as well as age, then making sure he/she has clean fresh water, and salt.
A performance horse may need alfalfa added, a backyard horse Bermuda, other horses orchard grass, a few need Timothy. My horses get an orchard grass mix with a tiny bit of alfalfa to round it out.
Horses do not need concentrated bag feeds, soaked hay pellets with a balanced vitamin/mineral supplement added will not only save you money but you will have a healthier horse without all the artificial ingredients and chemicals additives found in most commercial bag feeds.
As an equine nutritionist have been helping horses restore their health since 1998 using common sense nutrition. Love to be of service to your horse too. Check us out: or email

Elk Grove Milling • • • •
Fecal Water Syndrome. You may have heard about a topic getting a lot of coverage lately – Fecal Water Syndrome (FWS). Some common signs include noticeable fecal matter stains on hind legs, tail, and dock areas. Irritated skin can result both from the constant cleaning or lack of cleaning in those areas. Stall walls or bedding may also show evidence of fecal water. Besides general discomfort, symptoms of leaky gut can also include behavior or personality changes, poor performance, weight loss, insulin resistance, skin allergies, and even chronic colic. If this sounds like something your horse may be experiencing, reach out to your veterinarian for more information and diagnosis.
After diagnosis, one of the first steps in managing a horse with FWS is feeding a high quality, balanced diet. Increased turnout and alleviating environmental stressors are also beneficial steps in restoring a healthy hind gut. Something as simple as trailering for only a couple of hours can impact your horse’s microbiome.
How are some ways Stable Mix complete feeds can help a horse with loose manure or FWS? A horse with an inflamed hind gut can benefit from a bit of a “reset” for their GI tract. Loose manure, colitis, or FWS are indicative of inflammation in the digestive tract. Long stem forage (hay) can irritate these inflamed surfaces during digestion and movement through the GI tract. Long stem forage also causes more bulk which can negatively impact the cecum during bouts of (chronic) inflammation. By switching to an all-pelleted ration, you can minimize the “scratch factor” and bulk of hay, allowing the horse’s GI tract to heal and reduce inflammation. Some horses with chronic hind gut sensitivities can never transition back to hay diet without flare ups of the condition. Some horses are able to transition to partial hay/pelleted rations. It is a balance based on each individual horse. In any case, using a complete feed ensures your horse is receiving crucial balanced nutrition during this “reset” or new lifestyle change.
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Stud Muffins® Horse Treats • • • •
Stud Muffins® Horse Treats are 100% hand-crafted – Every batch is made with care and devotion to produce the ‘ultimate horse treat’ for your equine herd, whether you have 1 or 100.
We’ve been making our treats since 1997; each treat contains grains such as wheat, oats, barley, and corn, and are fortified with flaxseed and other wholesome ingredients, ensuring they’re as healthy as they are enjoyable. Horses go crazy for them! For more information visit or call
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Sacate Pellet Mills • • • •
We began operations in 1983 as a wholesaler to Lakin Milling Company. At that time, we produced one product: our sun-cured alfalfa Standard Bread pellet. In 1985, we began selling to the public and expanded our product line to include Thorough Bread: a fortified pellet consisting of sun-cured alfalfa hay, cracked corn, and a vitamin mineral supplement to provide added energy. We also soon recognized a need for a product tailored to less active animals. Bermuda is a widely available grass here in the Southwest that when blended with alfalfa creates a lower protein and lower calorie feed alternative. In 2018, Sacate Pellet Mills purchased Lakin Milling Company, a longstanding and highly reputable brand. Lakin Milling had been serving our community with high-quality products since 1968. The mineral fortified products produced by Lakin provided a desirable expansion to our product offerings and a loyal customer base. Together, a stronger, more capable pelletized feed company emerged Any combination of product types can be accommodated. Call or check the webiste to find a location near you. (602) 237-3809

Horse Health Products • • •
We know that having horses is not a hobby, it’s your life. At Horse Health Products, we feel the same way. Our mission is to continually provide essential, hardworking horse care solutions that give your horses exactly what they need to thrive, like Red Cell supplement. For over 40 years, horse owners all over the world have trusted Horse Health to consistently provide good quality products. Offering a wide range of products, from fly control and deworming to hoof & leg care and nutritional supplements, Horse Health products deliver results at a price you can afford. We believe that the world needs more horsemen like you and understand that taking care of a horse doesn’t need to be complicated; it just needs to work. We’re horsemen too. That’s why we’re proud to tailor our products for the horsemen who know their horses, know what they want and know that they don’t have to pay a premium to get results. Visit

Hay Pillow Inc.• • • •
Slow Feed Solutions & More product line includes Hay Pillow® slow feed hay bags for horse trailer mangers, hanging and ground use in addition to toys with a purpose, bale nets, emergency ID tags and more! What makes Hay Pillows so unique? Offering 4 mesh sizes (3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 1 3/4”) depending on your horses patience level and the 4” X 6” mesh size in the Manger Hay Pillow for horses not accustomed to slow feeding. Hay Pillows® are easy to load and their closures do not allow ANY access to hay other than the netting. Perfect for at home use and travel. Proudly made in the USA. The netting is custom made and mounted on the square so the opening size stays consistent regardless of how full the bag is. Featuring a solid back: minimizing wasted hay and prevents it from blowing away. Heads down, the best slow feed choice…the Standard and Mini Hay Pillow® are the only slow feed hay bags designed for use on the ground (for barefoot horses); allowing your horse to eat in a natural grazing position and encourage movement! Learn more at

Sweet Pro Feeds • • • •
SweetPro Feeds now has garlic available in all their products as a nutritional addition to support the immune system. Garlic also supports the fight against flies and ticks by excretion through breath and skin, surrounding cattle and horses with a repellent aura. SweetPro also has a new paste for competition horses called, “EquiPride Gold”. All their products feature ProBiotein® a multi-prebiotic fiber blend. For more information please visit

Four Flex • • • •
Four Flex is a supplement designed to support healthy joint function in horses. Packed with all the necessary joint ingredients like Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin Sulfate. Fourflex manufactures a high-quality equine joint supplement that is designed to keep horses’ joints healthy as they age. Fourflex nutrients are chosen for their impact on joint health. Here is the information that horse owners need to know when they are looking for a joint supplement that will keep their horses mobile, healthy and free of pain. Glucosamine is essential for maintaining strong joints. The nutrient helps the body lubricate joints and cartilage. Methylsulfonyl-methane (MSM) is an effective anti-inflammatory supplement. The sulfur in the supplement is used to facilitate the production of collagen in the body and allows other ingredients in the supplement to be absorbed and properly used by the body to promote joint health. Yucca is included to help reduce the pain and inflammation as they age. Chondroitin helps the cartilage to hold in water and absorb nutrients to maintain good health. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of the connective tissue found throughout the body. The Fourflex equine joint supplement is specifically formulated to include essential nutrients that promote joint health. Horses that are ridden on a regular basis need a joint supplement to counteract the damage that is done when they move while bearing the weight of a rider. Visit or call 800/799-2990 to find a dealer.

Redmond Equine • • •
Did you know poor digestive health can be linked directly to your horse’s behavior? Digestive pain increases stress and anxiety and decreases their ability to focus. Support your horse’s gut and provide stability and all-natural stress relief with Daily Gold! Our healing bentonite clay improves gut microbiome, alleviates ulcer symptoms, diarrhea and other common digestive issues. Help your horse get the most nutritional value from everything in their diet. It’s a gentle and smart addition to any feed program! All-natural Daily Gold Stress Relief: • Buffers stomach acid • Soothes ulcers • Binds harmful toxins • Resolves diarrhea • Improves nutrient absorption Daily Gold is available in powder, pellets for picky eaters, and a Stress Relief Syringe. Here’s how to pair the products to give your horse optimal results: • Daily Gold Powder/Pellets: Feed as a daily supplement for continuous gut support. • Daily Gold Syringe: Deliver extra support and help horses relax before any situation that creates stress—like competing, trailering, or vet appointments. Your horse shouldn’t have to live with digestive discomfort. Improve gut health and focus with Daily Gold so you can both find your stride with confidence. Daily Gold is available on Emerald Valley Natural Health

Emerald Valley Natural Health • • • •
The highest quality natural horse supplements, treats, bran free mashes and tea tree topical. Emerald Valley is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council and certified to display the NASC Seal of Quality. Our products and natural horse supplements are manufactured with purified water, under strict batch control and quality guidelines, in a licensed facility. This is the important difference in the quality, effectiveness and reliability of our products. There is no alcohol in our solutions, only the natural herbs, that help invigorate the horse in your life, naturally. Along with our herbal supplements, Emerald Valley offers healthy treats, bran free mashes and our exclusive line of tea tree topicals. We are proud to say our products come highly recommended and regarded by veterinarians, nutritionists and farriers along with our loyal customers. Contact us at 888-638-8262 or visit

Thunder Mountain MineralsTM • • • •
Original Thunder Mountain MineralsTM is the most natural way to supply the essential minerals missing from your horse’s diet. Natural, as in right out of the ground, not from some chemical factory. Proper minerals, like vitamins, are essential for the health of all horses. The minerals, deposited eons ago by a vast inland sea, are processed and combined with other natural ingredients into convenient pellets. Like grasses growing in the pastures of the west, horses get their minerals the way nature intended. These amazing minerals naturally chelate, supplying the minerals necessary for optimal health and wellness. Many disorders can be directly attributed to mineral deficiencies. Problems like joint soundness, stomach ulcers, weight issues, hoof abscesses and navicular problems become a thing of the past. Horses maintain a proper weight on less feed. Horses calm down and perform better. Amazing improvements are seen in just a few weeks. Proper minerals solve so many problems. No Chemicals. No Drugs. No Dyes. No Beet Pulp. No Fish Oil. Because it is made from natural ingredients, horses love it! They will eat it right from your hand. Available now online at Dealer inquiries welcome. Thunder Mountain Minerals is one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the USA. For more information call Brian at 435-287-4285 or visit

Chaffhaye • • • •
CHAFFHAYE, a premium Non-GMO Alfalfa, is ideal for ensuring the digestive health and well-being of all horses. Most baled hay goes through a drying process which removes a majority of the naturally occurring plant juice from the forage. This essentially drains life from the feed. We chop, culture, and bag CHAFFHAYE at 50% moisture which preserves much of the alfalfa’s essential nutrients. By sustaining the plant’s moisture content, CHAFFHAYE becomes the closest product you can buy to fresh, natural pasture. CHAFFHAYE alfalfa is harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrient levels and palatability while also eliminating the dust and airborne mold typically found in baled hay. While still fresh, the forage is chopped and compressed into air-tight bags where an anaerobic fermentation process begins. Inside the sealed bag, fibrous plant matter is broken down and plant sugars are converted into lactic acid by beneficial bacteria. This sort of pre-digestion lowers the overall pH level and makes it easier for a horse to extract energy and nutrition from the alfalfa. Ultimately, CHAFFHAYE becomes rich in probiotics, yeast, and enzymes which provide health and physiological benefits well beyond the forage’s original nutrition. Visit

Renew Gold • • • •
Renew Gold is a unique formulation of energy dense, low starch, premium quality Non-GMO ingredients designed to be fed at a rate of 1/2 pound to 1 1/2 pounds daily. Our goal is to limit or eliminate the use of high starch based ingredients in the overall feeding program. This can help to bring the entire digestive system into proper balance. Renew Gold™ advances the concept of concentrated nutritional support for your horses feeding program with the use of three sources of natural vegetable oils, a unique profile of high quality protein, and healthy digestible fiber. The combination of High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance® Coconut Meal and Flax provides a uniquely efficient formulation that is lower in starch than grains or sweet feed. Using a base of food grade Stabilized Rice Bran we fortify Renew Gold with CoolStance® coconut meal and Flax. Digestive efficiency is then enhanced with the addition of Fermented Yeast Culture. This offers horse owners the opportunity to utilize the well proven nutritional advantages of Stabilized Rice Bran in an even more effective, advanced formulation.