2024 Cervi Ropings In Casa Grande

The Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic returns to the Rodeo Grounds in Casa Grand, AZ February 20 & 21 with 2 days of roping events. Tuesday gets things started at 10 AM with 3 ropings, each with a 4 steer average and 80% payback. There is a #13 at $150/man, and an Open for $200 and a Super 15 for $300/ man. Each roping can be entered twice.

The headliner roping takes place on Wednesday the 21st. The Pro Classic is a 5 header, progressive after one. It can be entered three times at $400 a man. There is a guaranteed minimum 90% payback offered this year, along with an impressive prize line. While the Cervi is known as a showcase of elite pros, there will be a #15 incentive this year to encourage up and coming teams to take their shot. The entry fee for the Incentive is reduced to $300/man. There will be $5,000 awarded to the top placing #15 or under team on 5 head and the second place team will split $2,500. Books open for the Pro Classic at noon on Feb. 20. The Roping Company will be providing fresh steers this year.

Always a crowd pleasing favorite, the 12th Annual Cervi Pro Am takes place Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM. There are 12 slots each for amateur headers and heelers who are partnered up with a top Cervi Pro for 3 full rounds. Amateurs have a shot at round and overall champion Gist buckles. They each also receive a team photo and embroidered Wrangler jacket. The Pro Am entry fee is $500 and slots fill quickly every year. Entries are taken online starting January 1st at arosroping.com.

Another big winner at the Cervi is Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund which assist athletes injured in professional rodeo. Each year, the roping donates proceeds to the fund, with over a quarter million dollars raised to date.

For more information or to enter the Pro Am on line, visit arosroping.com.