10 Ways to Give Your Shod Horse Protection and Comfort

Competition and the Show Ring – Cavallo Boots are used during warm-up to protect shoes from coming off before an event Horses Prone to Losing Shoes – Cavallos help prevent costly, unplanned calls to the farrier and/or unnecessary injury

Hoof Rehabilitation – Cavallos over metal shoes offer additional comfort and full protection during healing

Transportation – Cavallo Boots ensure your horse arrives at the destination safe, uninjured, and less fatigued

Impact on Hard Ground
– Cavallos over metal shoes minimize the vibration of direct contact that produces shock. Shock-absorbing soles take up much impact

Chipping, Breaking, Bruising – Cavallo Boots worn over metal shoes give full protection to the entire hoof structure

Sole Tenderness – Cavallo Boots provide a cushion to protect the sole against tenderness, sensitivity, and pain

Spare Tire – Cavallos make a perfect “spare tire” for a shoe lost while on a trail!

Take the Shock out of Jumping – Proven to absorb impact and minimize pressure on the hoof

Wise Words from Specialists and Veterinarians
– “Horseshoes provide a much smaller surface area to absorb shock. So, if a bare hoof landing after a jump experiences, say, 1,000 pounds of loading per square foot, then with a traditional shoe, there’s going to be 2,000 pounds per square foot.”
From Horse & Rider, Feb. 2006 Dr. Robert Bowker, DVM. Dr. Bowker is the director of the Equine Foot Laboratory at Michigan State University (MSU), and an internationally acclaimed authority on equine foot health.

For more scientific information, please click here to see the video report by Dr. Jennifer Gill and Gabriella Lynn of the Western Kentucky University Equine Sciences department. Here, these researchers cite the results of their 2019 hoof boot study, revealing the effect Cavallo Hoof Boots have on reducing hoof pressure.

Inspiring Stories:
“Our horse used to throw a front shoe at least once or twice a month. We tried every bell boot available, to no avail. Last Winter, he wound up tearing off his shoe and clipping the heel of his front foot so badly that he needed daily bandaging and stall rest for two months.
Cavallo Trek Boots have worked out perfectly; he has not thrown a shoe since. We use them for turnout. He’s gone through deep snow and thick, sticky mud, yet he always comes with his boots and, most importantly, his SHOES ON as well.” – Diane V.

“Tommy, my paint, is 24 years young and loves going places to ride. We left him at home for a year before we found these boots. He is so glad to be out riding again! Tommy has VERY tender soles. He wears metal horseshoes, but I put Treks (with pads to protect the soles), on him to ride trails. They have been great! They stay on, and he never gets poked or becomes lame now. Thank you for a great product!” – Jamie Doup

Special Product
– Cavallo has designed a special pad to help protect Cavallo soles from metal shoes and keep your boots lasting longer. The Cavallo Protection Pads are fabricated with a Kevlar-type material: https://www.cavallo-inc.com/product-category/hoof-boot-accessories/hoof-boot-pads/protection-pads/ / Cavallo – the world’s most trusted hoof boot. Did you know Cavallo Hoof Boots are the ONLY scientifically proven hoof boot on the market? www.cavallo-inc.com/science-behind-cavallo-hoof-boots For more information visit www.cavallo-inc.com – call Toll-Free at: 1-877-818-0037 or email us at info@cavallo-inc.com . Go to www.cavallo-inc.com/freegift to download your FREE TRIMMING MANUAL.

No More Lost Shoes, Injuries or Excessive Shock
By Carole Herder