Western States Horse Expo’s Formula for Fun and Education

The 19th annual Western States Horse Expo, June 9-11, 2017 in Sacramento, California has once again carefully chosen topics that will both educate and entertain attendees. This year is punctuated with some very special presentations, and the Expo has even constructed new arenas to accommodate all the exciting events!

At the top of the list is a three-day, all-day-long clinic with Charles deKunffy. From Austro-Hungarian nobility, deKunffy is world-renowned for teaching classical training traditions and classical riding skills. Whether teaching cross-country, jumping or dressage, deKunffy teaches with equal dedication and thoroughness whether teaching a beginner or coaching an Olympic Gold Medalist. The clinic at the Expo will host 10 riders, with seating available for auditors. To enroll as a rider or auditor, call the Expo at 800.352.2411.

The line-up of clinicians also sparkles this year. From basic horsemanship skills to specific disciplines, it’s all here. Where else can attendees compare the top clinicians in the nation all for the cost of admission — less than an auditor fee with just one clinician? As an added bonus, the Expo features “Clinicians Unmounted,” a group atmosphere where people can ask questions of the clinicians and meet them face-to-face. This year, as in the past, the Expo presents the best of the best:

Pat Parelli, founder of modern day Natural Horsemanship and a complete program of developing both horse and rider

John Lyons, “America’s Most Trusted Horseman”

Josh Lyons, founder of Josh Lyons Certification Program

Warwick Schiller, reining

Jim Masterson, equine massage

Kalley Krickenberg, three days of colt starting

Brandi Lyons, fundamentals, confidence, control

Jochen Schleese, saddle fitting

Focused on education, the Western States Horse Expo University will host a number of topics including equine research, health, nutrition, fitness and behavior. Featured experts are: Deb Bennett, horse anatomy and biomechanics; Bryan Owen, photonic heath and proper foot balance; Kristin Stephens, equine nutrition; Rick Roncka, equine pharmaceuticals; Carole Herder, hoof boots and saddle pads; Jeff Moore, therapeutic connection between horse and rider; and Richard Godbee, animal nutrition and nutritional biochemistry. Educators also include Ron McLoughlin, lateral system of training focusing on horse’s footwork; Lyn Ringrose Moe, Cowboy Dressage; Heidi McLaughlin, overcoming fear.

Attendees are invited to the Andis Clipper Barn, where clipper and grooming seminars will be presented all day long.

Here’s what a past visitor said about the Expo’s Trail Symposium:

“Like most of my horse pals, we are trail riders. We always want to know about new places to ride, and the Symposium has representatives who are knowledgeable about trails in our area — there are even folks from the U.S. Forest Service. We look forward to talks about preserving our trails, which all horse enthusiasts need to pay attention to. Our riding group has always wanted to go overnight camping but were pretty hesitant to try. Last year the Trail Symposium experts answered all our questions, even showing us different rope knots to tie our horses. I watched a demonstration on campfire cooking, and will definitely try cooking biscuits in a Dutch oven when we go horse camping!”

This year, Trail Symposium experts include: Teresa Spencer, horse safety; Samantha Szesciorka, long distance riding; Jerry Heitzler, mules; George Archer, packing; Carolyn Gilmore, wildfire preparedness; Debra Mason, Dutch oven open-fire cooking; Lucy Badenhoop, planning ahead and preparedness; Dennis Serpa, Back Country Horsemen of California.

If you’re looking for a handsome, well-trained horse to adopt, BLM Mustang Adoptions are scheduled this year (check www.horsexpo.com for days and times). These horses have been professionally started and are bound to capture your heart.

Famous for more horse trailers on display than anywhere else in the nation, the Rigs and Digs area of the Western States Horse Expo showcases acres of horse trailers from basic stock varieties to the fanciest of living quarters. Last year there were over 20 manufacturers! The Horse Expo also offers mechanics right on the grounds who will put on a new hitch, rewire lighting — everything you need to make driving your new trailer a safe experience.

On Saturday night, grab a beverage and settle down for an evening presentation with Pat Parelli and his team. Known for his elegant horsemanship and outstanding showmanship, Pat will entertain you and keep you enthused about elevating your own skills. Be sure to attend this performance — Pat is definitely an inspiration.

Wait! Bet you haven’t heard this before! This year the Expo is introducing Poker Rodeo to its lineup! This sport challenges riders to think strategically and ride competitively in dynamic, timed events. Events include PokerPenning and 2ManPokerSort. Instead of standard numbers on the cows for these events, riders are looking for specially designed giant playing cards on the cattle. The challenge is to make the best possible five-card poker hand! Should be a hoot to watch at the Expo! To view a video, visit www.pokerrodeo.com.

And you can’t appreciate the Expo without grazing your way through the huge variety of food offered here. This year they’ve “bammed” it up a notch — so be sure to cruise the menus before deciding on the delicious fare.

The Western States Horse Expo, June 9-11 in Sacramento, California is open Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More information can be found at www.horsexpo.com. Follow Western States Horse Expo on Facebook for updates.

About Western States Horse Expo

The Sacramento location for the Western States Horse Expo is now celebrating its 19th anniversary June 9-11, 2017 and the Western States Horse Expo Pomona, California celebrated its sixth year in 2017. Founded by horsewoman and entrepreneur Miki Nelsen, the Western States Horse Expos are the largest equine expositions in the United States.